Monday, June 8, 2009

I Wanna Party With That Dude Part 10

Well, IWPWTD are showing up later and later in the week although I will try to hit a Friday mark sometime soon. This week is actually more of a "We all did Party with That Dude" anyway. Mark Potozny, his brother Mike and Ryan Wert were just in town and Party we did. Lowlights included smelling like seal shit all night, Carp being hit by a car, a Penguins loss, and lame parties. Highlights included a couple days at the trails, a couple games of darts, some beverages, a renewed appreciation for the amazing place where we all reside by the seaside, some partying with baby sea lions, Carp surviving being hit by a car at 30 mph (someone send me pictures of his destroyed bike!) and more beverages. Santa Cruz will miss you guys. If you see them somewhere along the road say hi and give them a place to stay. DENIED..

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carple master said...

ryan has a good picture of me wiht my bike on his phone track that thing down