Friday, June 26, 2009


I a really tired from staying up all night listening to Thriller, watching Charlie's Angels and crying, but I had to put up this picture of the new Duo tires in brown sidewalls, can't wait to pick up a pair, as I hear they come with a lock of Chris Doyle's hair or something which makes you able to three anything.Creepy.R.I.P. Also, 2 more items I would love to bring to your attention this fine morn. New lightsinthewoods video. I used to/still have dreams about riding trails that I have never been to, places my mind just came up with. It has always been my dream that someday I will just roll up and find some of those trails (or build them). Barend trails in England might be one of those places. I'm gonna try to track down the helmet cam footage that was on Deluxe a while ago.

last saturday from lightsinthewoods on Vimeo.

And you should probably check out the Andrew Burton bike check on IntheGnar.


Patrick said...

yo man. the headcam footage was on the davros at barend video that is the first uploaded on the deluxe vimeo page. and indeed barend is an amazing spot. holla sasquatch.

matt said...

do you remember those specialized tires with red sidewalls that lavin n nasty would run back in the day??