Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I guess..."The BMX movie?"
The ride site added this about the project: "Some of the guys already on board are: Scotty Cranmer, Van Homan, Garrett Byrnes, Fuzzy Hall, Matt Beringer, Garrett Reynolds, Chris Doyle, Morgan Wade, Joe Rich and Joel Moody – as well as a host of Catty and Posh locals.

Jack Black won’t be in this film (well, not at this point…but we may still get him). Nevertheless, we have the next best character in the world – Steve Crandal. That’s right. He’ll be livin’ large on the big screen in a role fitting for JB, and we all can’t wait to see that! Also, Kevin Robinson has expressed interest in playing a sweet meathead role."
Moderately related video, but by no means a preview.

pawoods summer 08 promo from woods on Vimeo.

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