Friday, July 10, 2009

The New and the Old

Went to Morgan Hill park yesterday. About Half of Santa Cruz and all the Chunky locals descended on the park to dodge skateboarders (i thought Thursdays were bike only?) wearing shants. The park is pretty good with the exception of some bowl corners that are tight enough to dislocate your elbow. Jordache Murdock was out at the park, flying high on his new custom FBM and signing autographs for all the kids. Squirrel and Oldscar made it out as well and got really excited about an eight foot quarter in the bowl. Mike came out and filmed a whole bunch so hopefully we will see some of that footage some future monday. As good as the park was I can't help but dream about how much fun this place must have been. Carlsbad skatepark (RIP), seen on inthegnar.

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