Monday, August 3, 2009


So the new Funspot (aka the F-Unit, is now open. I was pretty determined not to show up on opening day because I didn't want to collide with a little kid. After staying away most of the day I couldn't stand it and made my way down to the park. Instead of taking out a kid I decided to collide with Ceasar, one of the biggest guys in the park. I was jumping the box and he was riding up it backwards when I put my front wheel into his side. I was at fault and luckily everyone was okay. Aside from this, the park rides great. A job well done. BIG Thanks to Jesse Nickel and RYAN NYQUIST. Will the new park bring all you lurkers out into the light? Let's hope so. Funspot opening party this weekend?

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marv albert said...

i usually think of baseball players as the more dainty athletes but im pretty sure it looks like that runner just punched out that catcher right through his mask. at least i hope thats what happened...YES!!!