Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday I took Otis on a long hike to look for a new spot. I can't say we were all that successful (I think I might just equip Otis with one of these and send him out looking for spots), but often the process of looking leads to some other great discoveries. First we followed this strange pipe for a while.We made a few finds, including this fallen tree that was once home to the ingenious acorn woodpecker and this creepy jacket.
Eventually I stumbled upon this edenic spot (which the pictures don't show properly). It is this cool, pretty flat drainage with two hillsides leading down to the large terrace, and a really steep valley below. The old clearing provides ample room to build and plenty of sunlight (one of the canyon's problems). Besides not having a water source or any buildable dirt, and only being accessible by a near vertical, 45 minute, off trail bushwack this looks to be an ideal trail spot. Or not.The highlight may have been riding the big pipe like a slide on the descent. Oh well.

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Brooke Retherford said...

Your entry sort of reminded me of this quote by Henry David Thoreau:
"Our moments of inspiration are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them; for those experiences have left an indelible impression, and we are ever and anon reminded of them."