Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 22 Counties Part 2

These are from the middle passage of my recent trip and were mostly taken along Highway 49 in the Gold Country foothills. If you haven't driven 49 and have interest in California's early history, you my friend, are blowing it. On the shredding side of the equation, towns that poured asphalt all over their hilly streets always have the best terrain as far as I am concerned. I guess they weren't worried about miners getting rad on their pack mules.
I had been counting some drafts of posts, so we are a little further from 1000 posts than I thought but it seems a fine time to announce the impending party/premiere to celebrate the upcoming 1000th post. Tentatively mark your calendars for Saturday, October 2nd somewhere in Santa Cruz. Along with some other videos there will be a 10 plus minute Canyon edit, which may feature a section or two that won't make it to the web anytime soon. Maybe a session at the bike park before, maybe a bbq, maybe some beverages and maybe even some Sasquatch Canyon goodies. More info later.


Brandon said...

damn what concrete park is that it looks amazing

Sasquatch Canyon said...

that would be mariposa. Pretty damn slippery. I didn't even ride it, but a friend did and it looked fun.