Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pedal Quest

Jordan Murdock is picky about what goes on his bike. In fact he is downright neurotic. Jordan thinks it comes from years of working in a bike shop that was incredibly slow paced, which left him with the tools, discount, time and expertise to tweak on his bike until the cows came home. Jordan cleans his bike religiously. Like with holy water, I think.
So, when Jordan decided he needed new pedals for his bike he did his research. Something super slim. No reflector mounts. Minimal knurling. Lots of pins. He searched the internet, talked to bike shops, he even learned Chinese so he could call Taiwanese pedal manufacturers. Alright, he didn't do that last one, but he did actually talk to a machine shop about building what he wanted around another pedal's spindle, which proved cost prohibitive. In the end, this is the pedal he had decided to get.
That was, until he found this on the internet and emailed it to me. He is beyond stoked. I'm guessing the other side is for pedal grinds? That or flipping pancakes.


Chris McMahon said...

It's a fucking shame that they don't make Trailkings anymore. I got a pair of KO Greggie, and, let me tell you... they shit on every other pedal I've ever run.

Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

TrailKings! Pricey, but available.

I have plastics right now... ek!