Monday, January 31, 2011

2HIP Updating Blog

Jarrod Allen is making some changes to the 2hip site, including the blog which is getting updated on the reg now. You can always find 2hip in the links from now on as well. If you come from out of town (and we know you will) make sure to stop and have an Acai smoothie at Samba Rock (another Ron W. project). While I have never found the magic bullet of hangover cures Acai isn't a bad place to start after partying. Although these clips have been on the internet for awhile, Jarrod recently put them up again and I don't get tired of watching Jarrod. Return of the Shredi.Also, in 2hip related news, you should probably watch this as well, since it demystifies the invention of the abubacu (hint: like most many great things, Spike Jonze is involved).

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