Monday, January 31, 2011


Ryan from Ice Cold recently sent some copies of Issue 8 my way and I got to say it is sweet. Plus it came with some stickers that are even more of a hot item now that Gucci Mane has decided sanity is for busters. Hit up ICE COLD to find out more about getting one for yourself. Ryan is always down for a trade too, so make some sweet stuff and put it in an envelope for him.


Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

GM was IC's biggest fan, and I didn't even know it. That is amazing.

Glad the gifts made it! Another package soon. I'm gonna try and do a big run of all issues...soon!

chris riesner said...

I interestingly enough have a copy of this
and was going to let you have it because i knew you'd be into it haha.

Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

Just linked on the facebook Chris, how'd you get a copy?!

Awesome tumblr!