Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toast Jam

I was kind of waiting to see a video that gave a sense of what Texas Toast was all about, but from the first announcement of the contest I was excited about it. I always like Taj's creative projects and when I found out he was the mastermind I knew it would be an awesome blend of good times, art and bmx. Since the bmxernet has been full of coverage and videos, I'll keep this brief, but I just wanted to say how utterly impressed (from afar) I was by the event. Looked like a kickass partytime celebrating bmx the way it used to be celebrated (2hip's Meet the street jams come to mind). The fact that is had a ridiculous obstacle course and Gilly built jumps just made it better. And to top it off Odyssey put on the event and invited half of the bmx companies to join in. Badass cooperation. Here is Stew Johnson's take, which showcases a little bit of everything.
No chance I am missing this thing next year.

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