Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calvin and his hobbies

I feel like I packed a week of summer into one day today and I have the sunburn to prove it. Woke up at home.
Made my way to Pacifica.
Met up with Chris and had tables for breakfast. 9am session.
Dropped Chris off.
Vietnamese Sammy in Oakland.
Rough Giants game.
Ferry ride back to oakland.
Got home just in time to catch a few runs at the trails and witness Mike slash this turndown.
Took in Top Gun at the movies on the beach. Exhausted.


High Hefner said...

Jesus H mary and motherfuckin joseph
turn it down

mike said...

ha! talk about jesus effing christ! look at what time you left that comment. go to sleep murph!!!

Scuba Steve said...

excellent butt scratch

Chris Riesner said...

that was a sweet day!