Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Thanks to everyone who came out the FBM premiere and shoe-throwing after party pub crawl on Saturday, a grand old time. If you haven't seen the video yet you can order it from a bunch of reputable bmx retailers or buy one from me. If you go with the second awesome option you get the FBM dvd, a caliwumpus dvd, and whatever else I can fit in a small envelope, all that for $13 which includes shipping. That is a party pack. Email sasquatchcanyon at gmail to get your order started. I didn't really take any photos at the premiere or afterwards cause I was having too much fun, but here are some snaps from the weekend.
Benjamin Hell-Grin and Chris "the body" Riesner
Baha Men were at the park in the A.M.
Chris jumped over someone's house.
The SF Bike Expo Hip was real fun, a couple of me, Kurt "the Love Muscle" Russel barspinning and Lincoln Hawk chopping wood.


chris riesner said...

good times for sure.

I should have shot some hasselblad of you on the hip instead of that point and shoot, that thing looks rad

Scuba Steve said...

i wish i had gotten a picture of that double before everyone trashed it. stoked on jacksons clips in the fbm video!