Sunday, November 27, 2011

The opposite table/1footed table

When I first started riding I just wanted to get my bike real flat. The only videos I had seen were an Answer Racing video that featured Fuzzy and the SLC crew and GT 4130 and there was a whole lot of tabletopping and opposite tabletopping in both (although I am not sure I could tell the difference at the time). As we built our first jumps I tried getting my bike flat different ways but one way worked well in particular. Later I found out it was opposite, and it would take me years (nearly a decade) to learn even satisfactory regular tables. (If it feels so natural is it really opposite?) I guess it has come full circle, as I get older I really appreciate doing and seeing a great opposite table or one footed table. Ted Van Orman, Joe Rich and Dave Reuss demonstrate why.


mike said...

bad boys all day!

keith said...

so true! I probably do more "opposite" tabes than regular these days!