Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The places they'll go

A few years ago Simon Whitlock came to California from the UK. Simon is a traveler, a photographer, a farmer, a bike rider and .... well, Simon is Simon. He stayed at Mike's apartment here in town for a few weeks and during that brief period of time he became an honorary local. When he first got to town he called me at work (I have no idea how he had my number) and we made plans to go to the trails in Watsonville, the only problem was I was driving around in the company delivery truck. Rather than make a separate trip to pick him up, I just told him to meet me somewhere and I threw him, his bike and his giant backpack in the back of the work truck. For a few minutes he was 5,000 miles from home in a dark and unventilated panel truck sliding around with old couches and cardboard boxes. I imagine Simon liked that. Simon has stayed in touch over the years and he recently set out on a most impressive journey. He has been riding his bike across Africa. Good luck Simon, Santa Cruz misses ya.

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