Tuesday, February 28, 2012


If you had been checking the FBM site over the last two weeks you would have seen that some of FBM has piled into the vandal and is making tracks for the west coast to ride dolphins and sleep in ditches.
They are going to be in San Francisco in a matter of minutes and in our sleepy little beach community this weekend. Let's show them a good time. I think we are planning on having an end of the afternoon bike park sesh and pizza jam on Saturday amongst other good times. Probably hang out at Dan's shop. Watch the FBM dvd and part of the new sasquatch dvd on the tv. You can come get a sticker to put on your bike, like this kid.
You can also high five this dude:
Whoever jumps the box with piece of pizza in their hand Kelly Baker style and then eats it in the air, wins a dvd and a beverage.

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