Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Totally Blogging This

Eric Hennessey, intrepid traveler, french toast appreciator and documentarian of all things free and easy has come to Santa Cruz to roost for awhile. The addition of one more blogger to Santa Cruz means we now have the densest bmx blogger per capita of any seaside town of more than 40,000 people in Santa Cruz County. Andy, Mike, Henny and I will be receiving the prestigious award in a treehouse later this month. I heard that Stephen Crandall will be presenting it if he can get his asstral projector to work. As some of you have so kindly pointed out to me in emails, snail mails, texts, hate mails and chain mails, Sasquatch Canyon has slowed down a little. This is true, but it also means big things are on the horizon, including but not limited to new shirts and DVD's containing some of the web video jams. While the rushing torrent of posts that normally flows from the Canyon may have become a mere trickle you can count on the other bloggers to make content worth reading on the toilet (the highest compliment a blog can receive since it means a post was so compelling you carried a laptop into the bathroom). Andy just dropped this syrupy sweet edit that made me well up and feel great about the state of BMX here.Mike is pushing the visual pun to new highs (and lows) over at FMLR STRNG. He is also documenting the hard work that goes on every time it rains (once a year) at the trails.
Henny, author of the bestseller, "More Hair, More Air" has been celebrating everything in Santa Cruz with triumphant fist pumps. You should read his blog, but remember, it isn't his fault if you quit your job and hit the road.


Scuba Steve said...

That last jump looks tits!

Nick Ferreira said...

Great Chain Mail link