Monday, February 13, 2012

When the Chips are down....

and life gives you lemons, sometimes you just have to decide to make French toast and weird tacos and get rad and put pizza on the bbq.
Otis says, "COME AT ME CHIP!"
Colberg is always a great time at the trails. He was flying all over the place, sometimes with his bike and sometimes without. He flipped, spun and regaled us with tales from the recent arm wrestling championships. Lincoln Hawk
Henny, Look towards me bro!
Otis, you dog, you. Colby is gonna rough you up.
Eric Hennessey.
Adam Sanchez dropped in on Gerard Butler's wave the other day, Gerard Butler got airlifted to Stanford Hospital cause his feelings were hurt. Here is Adam doing something awesome on some dirt waves.
Mike hates it when people talk in the third person. Inverts like to party.
Henny tested the footing on top of the cradle to see if he could build a treehouse up there. No dice.
We have been filming with this giant crane lately and the Sasquatch DVD is almost ready. Tomorrow we are putting a gopro on top of another gopro that is attached to a third gopro. Third eye grinds.
Gerard Buttface? Probably not.We finished the weekend off with a scenic hillbomb.

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