Thursday, March 1, 2012

Otis and the internet

I worked a lot and it rained a little bit this week so Otis didn't get out as much as he would have liked but I had to remind him that he had a great week of coverage on the internet. Trails Rule ran two posts that were almost entirely about him and his backyard grass/tree ramp setup.
He learned tree climbs a few months ago and was ready to take the same move to the rocks at the beach. Land or slam!
Otis and his friend, Mike Hernandez set up a concert on my porch.
Otis was still bummed about the fact I worked all week.
So, I pointed out that he was also in the background of a couple of other riding shots this week, one old:
And one new one:
It made him feel a little better. Otis and I put out this split part earlier this year when I didn't have to work as much and had some weekdays off.

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spanikopita said...

yeah DOGG.

good to see you and Otis still keeping it rrrrreal.

much love man and hit me up sometime!!
XOchris russell