Monday, May 7, 2012

Come at me Moon!

If you went outside this last weekend you may have noticed that the moon seemed particularly large. The moon's orbit around the Earth is an elliptical one and this weekend that dusty old space rock parked itself a mere 220,000 miles away. Pulled by this super moon a warm tide of old friends and sweet dudes washed ashore in Santa Cruz. We kicked off our shoes, rolled up our pant legs and waded in.

We camped. We joked. We ate with our hands. We explored. We built a dam. We high-fived. We saw our friends writhing on the ground in pain. We listened to our friends make music. We dug. We rode. We enjoyed the weather and our freedom.

This site has slowed down but don't worry friends, this isn't a eulogy, just a little bit of explainin'. The microblogging bloodsuckers got a hold of the Squatch and have siphoned off some of the content and energy I used to expend on this project. I am about to dive into work and I am not sure when I am coming up for air. And when I do surface briefly I won't feel like updating a blog right away. I'll want to spend it with you in the woods and the streets and mountains. This isn't the end, there are Sasquatch Canyon projects on the horizon and adventures to make and when that time comes back around...I hope you'll all be ready.

"There are some things a man can't do alone. I wouldn't think of trying anything so big without-' He stopped. The heavy waves beat the hard beach, and the yellow light of the setting sun illuminated a cloud to the eastward, a clot of gold.

'Without what?' Doc asked.

'Without love,' said the seer.

-John Steinbeck, Sweet Thursday

Thanks friends.

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Jeremi Sara said...

Jackson!! I miss you so. We need to hang out (maybe watch Fantastic Mr. Fox again?). Your blog is fun to look at, even though I don't know much about this style of biking. And I miss Oti-bear!