Friday, May 29, 2009

a little silence....

Thought we would skip IWPWTD this week. A lot of guys in Santa Cruz recently lost a really good friend and I know they would give anything to have just a little more time with him. It's never easy to see anyone go, particularly not someone so young. So this Friday take a minute to think about people who are gone and most importantly take care of yourself everyone. See you next Friday.


dson said...

The days seem Darker just can't Do things the same just can't turn the t.v. On.Everything seems smaller and Bigger at the same time.the world Feels more empty each day.and we Miss our BROTHERS. R.I.P Turner Torgerson

TBVO said...

fallen friends will always be with us
in our hearts and in our souls
they are alive..
although it is always better to see them in the open air
sorry for your loss