Monday, June 1, 2009


After such a great weekend, Monday just doesn't quite cut the mustard. Warriors of Wood was quite the spectacle and from what I saw/heard/experienced everyone had a great time. My duty as the only non-celebrity judge went pretty well, although that job is harder than I ever imagined. After riding the course on Friday (i haven't been that scared on my bike for a looong time) I was amazed to see people do pretty much everything you would see in a major Dirt Contest. A big thumbs up to Mat and Travis who built an awesome (albeit terrifying course). I'll skip any kind of recap, as you can get a more detailed version on SJBMX or the Ride site. Sunday saw a huge turnout at some local trails for a "low key bbq". Some new lines got opened up and some legendary trains (Think Heath Pinter, Joey Garcia) came chugging on through. Always good to ride with Chris Reisner as well! The locals would probably like to remind everyone that yesterday was a one time event and anyone interested in getting out there needs to go through the proper channels (read: call a local, and bring your shovel and beers). Also:Skier Jay has a new design/photography site that is pretty fun to look at. I was always a Merit Compatibles fan and this is more of the same clean artful stuff.

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