Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The POW video came out recently and it was worth the wait. I am not just saying this because some Central Coasters have some clips, but it really is one of my favorite videos yet. Almost all trails, full parts from Abe "Abe likes to Party!" Rowland, Marcus O'Brien, Jeremy Kaiser, Travis Kizer, and Aaron Day plus tons of footage from all over the Northwest and CA. A non stop name-taking-ass-kicking soundtrack backs the awesome trail/party footage. So worth the money. Marcus just posted info on his site about how to get a hold of the video, but here it is in case you are in a hurry: "Video Premiere went off pretty well lots of people showed up for it. If your interested in buying a video you can just pay through paypal. Just send me $15 through paypal to thats the name you will use so you can pay me. If you don't have your address on there just send it to my email, which is the same The $15 is for the video and shipping. If you have any problems just email me. I will have a paypal set up on the site soon, so if you want to wait you can." ACT NOW, THERE AREN'T THAT MANY COPIES!

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dirty mike said...

damn dude writing novels on here, what do you think this is..a blog?..but seriously, i want that video..