Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Driving the Coast: Day Two

Day two saw both the most miles covered and the most shredding. Morro Bay to Solvang to Santa Barbara to Dana Point with enough riding and laughing to make getting to our campsite at 1am worth it. I'll warn you, this post is probably too long. Music at bottom.Flannel-anche.Enjoyably hard to ride.Meta-tranny boost.3 and 3/4 horns.Hall and Oates!Poppies.Solvang.Tourists taking pictures of tourists.Barhump.Chris Riesner drove all the way to Solvang with us to shred bikes and boards. He was the only one to effortlessly connect the top and bottom of the park. Scared everyone but himself with a nosebonk line too.Anthony got rad on this step up hip and the board as well, see below.Jordan doing what he does.Mike with a lazy one handed table in the deep end.Quincy Dean moved to Santa Barbara and rides the park like he built it. 3 to fakie after peaking out.I'm not the only one that likes gold parts!Mike's dinner. French fries inside burritos are my favorite metaphorical food.Dana Point State Beach, tequila and Tecates compliment eachother well.


Brandon said...

spencers trannies are really hard to ride. that spot is awesome though. all those spots are good.

Anonymous said...

That park in Solvang is so awesome, I use to try and hit it every time i made the drive up to SC or down south. Some little kid shot me ith an air soft gun there while i was riding.


Anonymous said...

damn, looks like u guys had a fuckin blast. good pics, wild riding.. shred on my homies!!!!!

-midwest stabber

mike said...

HA! i just realized in the background of the shot of the kid on the ghetto gold bike is also my adopted son d'andre cruzin on my bike

mary said...

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