Monday, August 23, 2010

The Driving the Coast Trip: Day One

Driving the coast and doing the most. Here is the first day of our southern sojourn. We set out early from Prunedale and made it as far as Morro Bay by the end of the night, where Chris Riesner joined us to camp and support the State Parks pension fund with the world most expensive parking spot. On the way we briefly rode Greenfield (not pictured) and shredded trails and sausages at Brandon Eckles house. Big thanks to Brandon and the Eckles family for having us. Photos by Brandon Eckles, Mike and myself. Scroll to the bottom first to add music...or not.The trails were a lot of fun; poppy and steep, but the best part was the quarterpipe setup at the end of the line. Jordan was doing some real tree trimming by the end.Here Anthony explains to Jordan how he has the driving "handled".Looks like I am seeing a ghost.A day well done.

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