Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Official

Sasquatch Canyon 1000th post party is happening this Saturday, October 2nd at Pacific Avenue Cycles in Santa Cruz. Come meet up at the bike park around 5 to ride for a bit, maybe even bbq. We will head to the shop just after dark to watch a video of the Salinas Jam, an SJBMX short and then the newest Canyon video we have been working on. Most likely there should be Sasquatch Canyon shirts for sale as well.  Been soaking up the last bit of summer trying to film for this video. Half of Santa Cruz just got back from a wild week in Vegas. Peep the new Cult promo (5:12 for that Murdockishness).
Anthony has been cross training for the video.
Styled yet mild.
Green and Gold.
Andy's mobile office.

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B-Rad said...

I wish i could be there, but I'll be in Canada!!! Say hi to everyone for me! I'll see you guys when I get back i hope.