Saturday, September 25, 2010

R.I.P. Sasquatch Canyon

No, the blog isn't going anywhere. But the trails that started this whole thing are gone. Some friends walked up to the Canyon recently and reported that everything has been flattened. For about two years it has been nearly impossible to get up to the trails because of the massive construction project below the jumps but finality is always different than inconvenience. Only a tiny part of me still contemplated trying to go up to the trails and finish the couple of lines we started. Water was hard to come by and the dirt was difficult to work with, but there was a lot of potential in the terrain up there. Being up there in the middle of a cool day, light filtered by redwoods and eucalyptus with a beer in hand and Otis running up and down the hillsides wasn't bad either.  Well, thanks for the memories Sasquatch Canyon, thanks to everyone that came up there and helped us or hung out and most of all thanks for the opportunity to start a project that has grown well beyond a couple of berms in a particular set of woods.


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Ewart Aylward said...

gutted for you. I read ya blog from the South west of the Uk, I dont ride bmx and not really even trails, juts a mtb rider. it was picks of ya berms i saw some where on the web that started me following. Still theres always other woods and more dirt. get digging.