Monday, December 20, 2010

America's Next Top Pedal

So, Jordan's search has become my search. Sure, I already have pedals I like, but now I just can't stop searching. Kind of ridiculous to obsess about the aesthetics of one of the only bike parts that is by definition rarely uncovered and therefore rarely visible. Anyway, I stumbled across these, and was all set to write something about how SPRFLS would tear these things a new spindle hole, but I have realized that as easy as it may seem to pin down the opinions of a miserly old bmx blogger, he occasionally throws a curve ball. I mean, sure he is gonna hate the Killorado, but you never know about these Fort Knox inspired bad boys. Hope this recent SPRFLS hiatus isn't as long as the last.


Mike said...

I think he forgot his log in password. Either way he hurts us all. I think he gets butt hurt that people actually pay attention and have an opinion. But, I know his opinion is valid and I check back constantly. What an asshole. I bet he rides a Killarodao.... Jerkface Russ and his basketball.

Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

Does that dude even ride, hahaha just kidding! What a good rant should be. What else is the internet good for?

I'm back to Mosh... errr Giant sealed pedals. *throws-up metal horns*