Thursday, December 23, 2010


Vinyl has started a Vinyl Tumblr that promises to keep getting more and more awesome. You can find it in the links from now on. I'll just let the man behind it introduce it.

Photos have been around in the BMX world ever since the sport started. With the massive growth of web videos coming out everyday, It felt like Photos just got brushed off and don’t get the visual views they deserve.

The goal of the photo blog is to create a community of people that contribute BMX related photographs. The contributions could be anything you want it to be. BMX Riding, Print Ads, Portraits of BMX, Life, Street, People, Places, Travels, Adventures, and Friends.

If you feel that you have something great to share with the world, please don’t hesitate to submit your photographs. It will be greatly appreciated…
I hope this motivates you to dust off your camera and shoot some great images. 
-Tom Arkus 

You may even catch some bigfoot dropping on there as well as some Chris Riesner and Dave Reuss stuff.

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